Leava's Story

A wild fire roared. Vatoki and I couldn't even hear our own voices. My heart pounded in my chest as I told my brave mate that I had to go in. To look for a wolf in trouble. 
"Shaer! You could get yourself killed!"
I knew this, but I also knew about the burnt, and terrified wolf in the middle of the fire.
I leaped in, knowing that I wouldn't regret it.
I had to squint, because the light was so strong. So strong.
I trotted to a rock and found a young female, lying on her side, panting hard.
I could hear Vatoki's voice in the back of my mind, 
"... You could get yourself killed!..."
I grabbed the petrified wolf by the scruff and tugged her away. 
She tried to turn around and bite me, but I had a good grip on her.
I dragged her to a tall rock, leaped onto it, put her down, and jumped.
I flew blindly through the air until I landed clumsily on the other side.
"You're alive!" Is all Vatoki could say.
He didn't help me because, well, he is deadly afraid of fire. 
His whole family was killed by a big one. I couldn't ask him to do something like that.
We both sat and waited for the other wolf.
Before we knew it, we saw a big ball of fire tumble towards us.
She gasped, as she hit the ground with a thump.
Vatoki dragged the smoking wolf to a stream and put out the flame.
The stubborn girl thanked us briefly, and walked away.
It wasn't long before she collapsed.
We offered her a place in our family.
She walks by my side to this day.


We had been seeing a shadow sniffing our territory for quite some time now.
Leava and I went to check it out,
and we found a grown female wolf at our den.
I let Leava snarl ferociously to one side, while I talked to the stranger.
She was from the south part of wolf territories, where the humans roam.
The wolf, (named Fili) traveled up here in search of an easier life from those nasty human beings.
So peace is what we gave her, and she was accepted into the pack.
Partially because Leava and I recognized her...

Taki's Poem

Working together is the only thing we can do, through the coldest months and the hottest summers, hunting elk is the most fun thing to do, survival is the biggest test which we always ace and have a feast, 
passing the family test is no problem and we will live peaceful forever more.