Here's the thing, we are humans. What wolf could learn to type? So I have decided that most of the time when I write our wolf life, I will also explain our human situation. Thanks for reading.

The First Three

Taki, Leava and I are best friends in real life. We all went to school together, but now that I am going to a different middle school then them, this is our way to still be together. We are the founders of this pack, the roots of this tree. We are the Three.


Fili is actually a grown up who I have come to love. She was my 5th grade teacher in my human life, and also my best friend. We are still in touch, and that is why she has her own wolf.

Saba and Bekao leaving

Saba and Bekao were never real people. I decided to cut them out from the website because this is a place where real wolf people come to share their lives. Not made up characters.

Ovan leaving

Ovan is a real person. He was part of Leava's life for a while, but now he is gone, so so is his wolf.

Rosca joining

Rosca is Leava's best friend in real life. She wanted to join the pack, and we welcomed her with open arms (er... paws...) She has proved to be very wolf-like, and so she has received her wolf name.


Leovan is a counselor we had at summer camp. He was more like a brother to us, (ha Leava! Beat that!) and we miss him dearly. He made that one week in summer so great!


So on the 2nd of August, my mom and I went to the mall.
"We're only going to look." she told me.
3 hours later, we walked out of the mall... with a black tuxedo puppy!! All four of his paws are white and the rest of him is black as night!